Why Women Can’t Lose Weight

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Friday, 30 November 2012 01:19

Why women can’t lose weight is one of the weirdest questions in my weight-loss-for-womencareer as weight loss coach. Of course they can lose weight! Are you one of those women who are struggling with obesity since childhood? The percentage of the women who have problems to lose weight since they remember themselves is higher compared to the rest.

Childhood and Overeating

I remember some children from the school and from my neighborhood who were heavier and most of them have never changed. We were calling them names. How bad was that! It was unconscious way to program their thinking. You know how it is, when something is repeated thousands times it becomes true.

I also remember grandmas calling these kids from the balconies and chasing them with food.  These caring women simply wanted to make sure that their grandchild is well fed.  This is great but it plants the seeds for the future fatty. It makes the kid overeating and leads to bad habits and stretched stomach.  So, bigger stomach needs bigger portions. Thus what we have is a girl who gradually gains weight.

Diets or Eating Few Calories

I don’t even want to know who established the diets as a weight loss tool. Diets are the most practiced way for weight loss among women. Almost all females have tried this method at least once in their life.  Dieting works only while you are on a diet. When you stop it the weight goes up. People call it yo-yo. Diet means starvation for women’s poor body and can mess up metabolism and hormones and may cause a lot of health problems.

Basically, diets are decreased amount of calories we consume and complete elimination of highly essential nutrients such as fatty acids, minerals and carbohydrates. Eating like a tiny mice and constantly lacking building blocks for your body cells might provide you weight loss results along with loss of muscle tissue, weakened immune system and low energy.

Note: Diets should be used only if they are prescribed by a specialist adjusted to your personal needs and some medical conditions such as diabetes, allergies, thyroid issues etc.

Eating Once a Day

This is big! We all have to do so many things on a daily basis. Yes, women are busy with house work, career, children and husband but you shouldn’t eat once a day. By the way, men do have exactly the same habit. You can’t ignore the most valuable thing in your life which is your body and its health. There isn’t anything else with higher price!

I used to live with a great person and he was eating maximum twice a day; morning and evening. His portions were massive especially the evening one. As a result he has become obese and sick. Our body works constantly and needs some rest at night time to recover. By consuming huge dinner right before going to bed you are loading your body system with more work which is bad for the heart and recovery.

Additionally, the energy given from your big meal doesn’t go anywhere else but is getting stored as fat. Therefore in order to supply your body with sufficient amount of high quality fuel and to have time to burn it you need to have five to six small meals during the day. This is the time when you need energy the most. It will boost your metabolism and your body’s capacity to burn fat naturally.

16 Hours Seating and 8 Hours Sleep

I could say that not eating properly is the initial reason of why women can’t lose weight but sedentary lifestyle is also crucial. Seating in the bath tub, seating in the car, seating in the office, seating at home and the rest of the time sleeping is a lifestyle. It’s not exactly stylish but it is still a way of living. I’ve done it and it is not good for any woman who wants to lose weight and be fit.

Ladies, use every opportunity to move whether is exercising, climbing stairs or simply playing with your kids. Exercising stimulates fat burning processes, increases blood circulation, improves memory, strengthens your muscles and keeps you younger. So, avoid 16hrs seating and 8hrs sleeping formula and create a new approach towards those 24hrs that you have per day.


Even I am wondering why some women can’t lose weight but then I realize that many of them are taking a lot of prescription medication. Drugs are not good for your liver. They simply don’t give any rest to the liver which has a lot work to do with the fat. If you can’t get off your medication consider detoxing your body and use good weight loss supplements for women. Look for dietary supplements that are natural and have the capacity to oxidize fat and help you balance your hormones.

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