Ways to Reduce Appetite

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By learning some good ways to reduce appetite you will lose the woman-craving-carbsweight that is bugging you. Furthermore, regulating hunger will help improve Body Mass Index and enhance your health.  Like anything else in human’s body appetite depends on bio chemistry.

What Controls Appetite

Appetite is controlled by hormones such as leptin, ghrelin and neuropeptide Y.

Leptin takes fundamental part in metabolism, balancing food consumption and appetite or feeling of hunger.  Leptin is found mainly in fat deposits which are our source of energy. Leptin stimulates the production of another hormone that suppresses appetite.

Ghrelin hormone increases appetite by sending signals to the brain for energy fuel required to maintain growth hormone. This process is done by inducing calorie intake. Ghrenlin is synthesized in stomach.

Neuropeptide Y stimulates appetite drive. It’s responsible for stress related weight gain and for developing metabolic syndrome. Medical studies show that the increase secretion of neuropeptide Y causes the growth of belly fat.

Note: Women have higher fat percentage and they are more prone to problems related to appetite. The other interesting fact is that abdominal obesity affects female’s immune and reproductive system.

How to Reduce Appetite and Cravings

The following tips will put positive impact over the hormones that are directly linked to hunger and provide natural ways to reduce appetite:

  • Eat Every 2 – 3 Hours

Eat often to avoid hunger. Leaving your system without food for long hours lowers blood sugar and slows metabolism down. The most common behavior is to compensate the lack of energy fuel by pouncing on the food like a hungry tiger.  This is not a healthy appetite. It causes overeating.

  • Lower Your Stress

Stress induces the release of neuropeptide Y which makes you hungry. It seems that during stress we can’t control our food intake. Stress makes us eat faster and pick foods that can keep us busy. Most of those food choices are various types of chips and candies. They are either extremely salty or sugary and contain substances that trigger appetite.

  • Lose Belly Fat

Reducing belly fat will assist you curb your food cravings. It will make remarkable difference in terms of hormonal balance, energy levels and appetite suppression.   There is link between abdominal fat and hunger: the more belly fat we have the higher is our desire for food.

  • Get a Sound Sleep

Having a proper sleep decreases food cravings that are typical for sleepless nights.  Opposite, sleep deprivation raises the level of ghrelin, the hormone that makes you eat more.

And the troubles don’t stop here. According to clinical studies lack of quality sleep leads to higher secretion of insulin which means that you can’t metabolize sugar and this automatically gets you to the path of obesity.  (ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC535424/ - by Patricia Prinz)

  • Reduce the Size of the Plates and Pay Attention to the Colors

Psychologically, eating from big plates immediately sets the need of empting the entire content. A study shows that those who eat from large bowls consume around 30% more food. Changing the size of the plates will make you minimize overeating.

It seems that colors can tell us whether the food is fresh and tasty. We can make instant decision to avoid some foods or crave some others.  The color of the food and your dinnerware does make impact over hunger. Use plates that contrast with food’s color to create satiety and suppress hunger.

  • Change Food Preferences

Decrease the intake of carbohydrates and fat. Researchers made a study that shows that those who have low carbohydrate and low fat diet have significant reduction of appetite. They tend to eat more high protein food that fulfills better and supports weight loss.

  • Fill Your Stomach with Dietary Fibers

Consuming rich in fibers food guarantees the feeling of satiety. Fibers increase their size once they are ingested. They also bind fat and cleanse your digestive system.

  • Use Appetite Suppressants

One of the most effective ways to reduce appetite is to use naturally based supplements. They contain ingredients that are proven to curb craving.  Some of the most beneficial components that fight hunger are made from hot peppers (capsicum), coffee beans (caffeine), leaves of green tea and fibers (prickly pear cactus, hoodia and glucomannan).

Note: Find out what are top Recommended Appetite Suppressants available online.

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