Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss

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Tuesday, 01 January 2013 14:23

Having couple of good ideas for healthy snacks can be useful for healthy-snacksany weight loss plan. I was working in high demand environment for long hours with very little time for lunch. Finding some easy snacks for munching is imperative for body weight control and health.

Here is my way of snacking without the need to worry about time consuming meal preparation.


Easy to digest apples are preferable snack that aids weight loss. They provide fast energy resource and improve digestion. Apples are very convenient to carry wherever you go. They give you vitamins, fibers and fresh revitalizing juice.

The high levels of vitamin C and dietary fiber in apples make them irreplaceable part of your fat loss program. It’s not a coincidence that apple cider is utilized as essential ingredient in many supplements for weight loss such as Raspberry Ketone. It contains well known pectin substance which lowers bad cholesterol levels.

Dark Chocolate

Couple of pieces of dark chocolate gives you instant pleasure, suppresses appetite and delivers vital fuel.  Cocoa triggers the release of serotonin hormone that decreases hunger and improves mood.  Therefore chocolate assists you cope with depression and emotional eating.

Studies confirm that pure dark chocolate or also known as cocoa has strong antioxidant properties.  The anti cancer activity is due to the high levels of catechins in It. Cocoa has low content of sugar so you don’t have to worry about getting fat storages.  It’s rich in minerals such as iron, calcium and magnesium and promotes healthy heart.


Yogurt is low calorie health enhancing snack.  More importantly yogurt is valuable source of dietary calcium that helps you lose weight and maintain women’s bone density.  Organic and low fat yogurt satisfies hunger and contains those good bacteria for your digestive system that fight stomach irritation and ease elimination.

Yogurt contains protein and vitamins B2, B6 and B12. It’s nutritious and helps you metabolize fats, carbs and proteins.


Despite the fact that olives have over 80% fat you shouldn’t be afraid to munch with 4 – 5 olives when needed. They are amazing snack with numerous health benefits and create comfortable feeling of satiety. Olives don’t rise sugar levels up like some other foods which makes them great for midnight snacking.

The abundance of phytonutrients in olives is a promise for antioxidant and anti inflammatory activities of this ancient fruit of the nature. Olives supply your cells with essential vitamin A, dietary fiber, iron, copper and calcium.

Pop Corn

Popped pop corn is my favorite weight loss snack. There is no guilt feeling when emptying a bag of light and non-salty pop corn. Low in calories and rich in non soluble fibers pop corn can fulfill you for several hours. Pop corn does add nutritional value to your diet with niacin (B3), vitamin C and phosphorus.

Mozzarella Cheese

If you don’t have any time to cook your food simply chop couple pieces of mozzarella. Add a little bit salt, olive oil, apple cider and red pepper powder and enjoy this quick snack. It can replace your lunch or dinner or you can have it at midnight in some occasions.

Mozzarella is pretty good source of protein, calcium and phosphorus. Those are fundamental building blocks especially for middle age women who are active in sports. Even though mozzarella is rich in saturated fat it’s still a good snack. Simply be careful with the serving size.

There are much more healthy weight loss snacks to count such as carrots, protein shakes or berries. The above ideas for munching are the ones I use the most. They fill you up and help you reduce appetite and burn fat more efficiently.

Note:For more ideas you may check Food That Makes you Lose Weight article.

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