How to Detox My Body

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Thursday, 03 November 2011 04:57

woman-drinking-algae-juiceI remember years ago a lady who was teaching me how to detox my body. It sounded so weird but it was 20 years ago. So you can imagine my face while I was listening to her words. Detoxification is the most important step towards any health related problems including weight loss.

The big secret for body detoxification is that your body can’t be cleansed forever. It’s a continuous process throughout the whole life of yours. It’s a lifestyle thing to keep your body pure internally and externally. It means that all filters of your body work on their optimum level. I am talking about your liver, kidneys, lungs, skin, lymphatic system and gastrointestinal tract.

Ways to Detox at Home

There are literally couple of steps that could help you purify your system and I would like to reveal them nice and clear for you.

  • Food creates the biggest pollution within our body. That’s why I would like to start with it. Avoid meat, sugar, salt, bad fats. They create acidity which leads to process of decay. Focus on green vegetables and fruits. They are alkaline and rich in antioxidants and fibers.
  • Stress makes you produce huge amount of toxic waste within your body. Cortisol and adrenalin are the main hormones secreted by your glands while in stress but when you are constantly bombarded by them they become toxic. The other bio waste we produce is lactic acid. that makes your shoulders feel tense, stiff and painful. My tip is to minimize as much as you can your stress levels.
  • Water is the main transporter of bad stuff out of your system. Drink it hot to clean your body better.
  • Take algae bath at home to boost your sluggish system. Combine with aromatherapy and abdominal breathing for maximum result.
  • Exercise to make your blood flowing better and your lymph moving faster. Sometimes we are so congested that our lymph is stand still. I don’t want to scare you with the consequences of this fact. Just make sure that your lymphatic system which is your drainage system works properly.
  • Body brushing makes significant impact for body cleanse. Brush the entire skin with dry brush at least once a day. It is vital for blood circulation, lymphatic system and removing dead skin cells. Your skin is your largest organ and one of its functions is to absorb and eliminate. Keep it clean.
  • Take dietary antioxidants. They could be liquid or in a capsule form. Natural products which contain fibers, algae, Polyphenols, Catechin, vitamins A and C, selenium and capsicum can powerfully fight free radicals, cleanse your body and give you proper cell regeneration.

Body Detox Products and Programs

Here is a list of couple of body detoxification products that could create a perfect blend of weight loss and detox with their properties.

  • Capsiplex - Great combination of fat burning capacity and fighting harmful toxins.
  • Look for premium grade products that contain algae and pepper extracts - pills, bath synergies, creams and aromatherapy oils.

Start with DetoxPlus+ colon cleanse and body detox system. Read detailed review of DetoxPlus+ and see how this amazing program will benefit you.

Well known fact is that belly fat, puffiness at the neck area and under the eyes, cellulite and all stubborn areas to lose weight on are simply a mixture of toxins, water and fat.

Now you got safe way to get rid of all impurities, unwanted fat and excess fluids sitting insight your body. In conclusion I would like you to apply this thought: “My body is my home and like any good owner I know how to detox my body and keep it perfectly shaped and healthy. “

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