Can Detox Help You Lose Weight

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If you are trying to shed some pounds you should can-detox-help-you-lose-weightknow that detox can help you lose weight naturally. Detox is the initial step you need to do for losing stubborn fat storages from your belly and thighs.

You will be surprised how fast the fat is melting while cleansing your body. (Read How to Detox my Body article)

How Do Toxins Make You Fat

Here are the main reasons for the accumulation of toxins and how they make you gain weight:


Taking medication might help you solve or suppress the symptoms of some health problems but prescription pills have a lot of side effects. The major side effects are caused by toxicity due to the ingredients in your medication. Drugs contain variety of strong substances that affect your organs especially your liver.

Probably you know that everything we eat goes through the liver. There is high risk of developing fatty liver when you take medication. As a result it will stop been so efficient with the rest of its functions. Metabolizing fat is one of the main functions of our liver and detox maintains healthy liver which helps you lose weight.


While we are stressed we stimulate the production of adrenaline and cortisol hormones. They are synthesized in order to safe our life but constant stress leads to constant release of these hormones and they remain insight our system as bio waste.

Well known fact is that high levels of cortisol interact protein synthesis, in other words we lose muscle tissue. The other negative effect of cortisol is that aids the accumulation of toxic fat. Again, our liver which is the main filter will suffer to eliminate this toxic waste.


If you are struggling to go for number two you should fix this issue as soon as possible. All this organic and non organic waste is piling up for ages and it might be the cause of the most of your health problems including the inability to lose weight. I am not sure why but women have more difficulties with constipation than men and they tend to retain more excess water. Retaining fluids is a clear signal of toxicity which triggers weight gain.

The other problem is that constipation might affect the intestine condition. It’s very possible to develop constant inability to eliminate. I’ve seen a beautiful girl who wasn’t so much fat but her belly was huge and painful. She was holding an enormous amount organic waste. Thus, colon detox is an initial step towards losing weight.

Detox and weight loss are linked together. Fat cells release toxins that cause so-called non alcoholic fatty liver. Researches show that weight loss can decrease the risk of fat buildup in liver. (

Bad Eating Habits

Basically, there are couples of things that lead to congestion. Eating too much sugar, salt and dry foods are clogging the lymphatic system up. Salty and sugary meals cause acidity that makes you retain water and dry foods decrease the process of elimination.

Also, if you don’t have the habit to eat any dietary fiber you may develop some blockages in the intestines. People love eating out and buying pre-packed food; Simply said burgers, hotdogs, French fries and other fried things (sorry, these are things for me, but not food) are the wrong bites for those who want to get fit and healthy.

Lack of Physical Activity

Believe it or not but lack of physical activity increases the possibility of piling up toxins along with weight gain. Activities such as jumping on trampoline, running, walking and swimming can make significant improvements in your filtering system. By being physically active you have the chance to remove toxins through your skin and lungs.

More importantly, exercising helps you getting rid of toxins by stimulating lymph circulation. Your lymph collects all the waste and fights against harmful bacteria. The other benefit of fitness is that improves peristaltic movement. Therefore assists you going to number two much easier.

Obvious Toxins

Drinking, smoking, artificial sweeteners, hormones in food, dust, drugs etc are obvious toxins that destruct our body’s ability to cope with its normal functions. I don’t like preaching but I can’t resist mentioning diet soda and chewing gums. Both are sugar free products but not free of chemicals. They suppose to keep us healthy but the lack of any nutritional value in them is a guarantee for future health problems.

I was working as a detox specialist for almost ten years and I’ve met many people in my treatment room with complains such as difficulties to lose weight. The interesting part here is that most of them were fans of diet soda.

Yes, toxins can make us fat. Basically, when we are not able to get rid of them naturally our body is using fatty tissue cells to store toxins. As a result of this the fat cells are growing but they are not healthy. That’s why if you truly want to lose weight you should start with DetoxPlus colon cleanse.

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